Shamans are an Archetype introduced in Duelist Pack Tom, first made by Leo and Bringerofcake. They are a group of Thunder -Type and mostly LIGHT monsters which focus on powerful destruction effects and Graveyard dumping. Their key monster is Dragon God of the Shaman, a synchro monster with a powerful effect, and Shaman Hut, a Field Spell which boosts the Shaman's ATK with each Normal Summon.

Shaman Archetype


Shaman Deviant - Shaman Fightbox - Shaman Hiarki - Shaman Kishi - Shaman Mahksq - Shaman Quizas - Shaman Spirit Behsq - Shaman Sahmisk


Shaman Call - Shaman Hut - Shaman Thunderbolt - Shamanic Channeling Technique


Shaman Barrier - Shaman Reverse


Dragon God of the Shaman

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