Active Retribution (AVRN) is the 15th set of LCCG, following Trial of the Titan. It contains 100 cards. The name was created as a joke in refrence to the way this set was intended to spark more activity and is credited to SoulFire (Dylan).

Two archetypes were introduced this set. Magician by EMSOUP takes the few Magician cards he had already submitted and turns them into an actual archetype, with a focus on using Quick-Play Spells. Fazur by Leo is a LIGHT Fiend-type archtype that is centered around bouncing its own monsters to the hand to gain various effects.

Other noteable support was for Psychic and Spellcaster types under the "Mind and Magic" theme. Support to Paranormal, Clandestine were of the most noteable. There is also support to Essence, Unholy, and Banish Zombies.

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