Deep Sea Assault (DSA) is the 11th official LCCG set, following Resurrection of Primordial Era and followed by Departure to Dusk. It contains 200 cards. This set contains 2 new Archetypes - Baryon, a Psychic Archetype created by the returning member Alfred that aims to flood the field with low-level monsters to access their Extra Deck bosses. The other new Archetype are the Paranormals, another Psychic Archetype that focuses on discarding certain cards to amass card advantage - these were submitted by Midnight Wyvern.

This main focus of the set was the Fish Type, which gained a large amount of support. Also heavily supported, Pyro monsters were another theme for this set. Several other Deck themes gained support: Mill; Tribute Dinosaurs; Multi-Attribute Fusions and Toons among them.

List of Cards and PagesEdit

Cronus, the Nova Deity

Calamitous Searfried


Dreadscythe Inferno

Giant Soul of the Equator

Midnight Scorching Imp

Galeburst Puffish


Deeptribe Dwellord

Deepabyss Gustkraken

Crystal Ultear

Xyz Berserk

Soul Break Summoning

Effect Disorientation

Tag Formation

Apollo, the Sun Divinity

Overseer Leviathan, Legendary Bynor

Blazing Glory Diverplane

Sea-Bound Dogfish

Spent Energy Cask

Dirge Mirewalker

Dry Freeze

Salt in the Wounds

Maui-a-Taranga the Endless Mischief

Sin City

Blustery Butterfly

Grimly Forming

Sky Predator

Aberrant Anemone

Abagtha, Bringer of Confusion

Spike Balloon

Sinister Tellus - Atrius

Maiden from the Surreal City

Neutrino Blaster

Screeching Bunyip

Darkly Smiling

The Inquisitor

Remarkable Exit

Dynamic Dogma

Darkwater Salmon

Token Manipulator

Lunar Wyvern

Banishing Light

Fishy Situation

Scale of the Phantom Fish

Phoenixian Rose

Mt. Pyro

Volcanic Knight

Toon Rascal

Toon Jester

Volcano Explorer


Dooms Beginning Golem

Flame Wall Defender

Blaze Fire Defender

Infamous Raymora

Regaining Star Fish

Shark Bomber Mk3

Synchro Hunter

Power Breaker

Phoenix of the Immortal Flame

Within Temptation

Dark Chest Of Wonders

Dark Moor

Prince of Insanity

High Priestess of the Blood Moon

Priestess of the Blood Moon

Eidolon of the Guiding Lantern

Offering to Dagon

Drelb's Scour

Coils of Cocytus

Sinister Endeavor

Chains of Oblivion

Malicious Madhouse of Malevolent Murder

Anathema's Desire Seadra



Rod of Rod of Insanity of Insanity

And Then Everybody Died, The End

Transient Slayer

Transient Distortion




Avatar of Dagon

Ultimate Apocalyptic Demigod of Extinction Necrophagous Tyrantspire Executioner Dragon

Ray of Temporary Annihilation

Symphony of Pain

The Trumpets of Armageddon

Promolochtheus, Force of Resonating Destruction


Witch's Void

Apocalypse Valkyrie

Avatar of Extinction


Volt Eater

Speartongue Serpent

Phoenixflame Archeosaur

Empyrean Eel

Spirit of Spite

Nox Betrayer

Scrap Shield

Scrap Part Colossus

Soul Swap Swordfish

Neoflame Knight

Golden Flame Diviner

Toon Tuner

Magitech Sword

Rotting Fusion

Madswag Minnow

Colossal Hitodama

Natsumi Serpentarius

Reisaya Serpentarius

Twins of the Serpentarius




Ultimate Razor Android

Ultimate Razor Moe-Kyun Slasher Fairy Princess

Extremely Obvious Spike Trap

Marshmallow Bazooka

Undeneath the Razor's Edge


Tranquilizing Gas

End Flare

Flare Sprite

Icefire Pyre

Icecrest Narwhal

Polarcrest Whale

Wildfire Phoenix


Cultic Art of Revival

Finale Flame

Narwhal Crest

Oceanic Aegis

Ritual Suppression

Curse of Jenkins

Dark Sea Chain

Depressive Curse

ST3 Destroyer Revenant

Shotgun Sam

Deathrock Dragon

Nightwave Namazu

Nightflame Kitsune

Darkdrake Flamewave

DV1 Cruiser - Pillar of Autumn


Bloody Bones

Lights Out

Bring out your dead

Promethean Flame

Momentum Shift

Davy Jones' Locker


Metal Jaws

Molten Dragon


Flawless Diamond Hummingbird

Temporary Betrayal

Reverse Draw

Tough Guy

Enraged Wyvern

Fiend of Anaslex

Give Everything You've Got

Skyforge Steel Dragonhawk

cell 7

21 Divided by 3

Essence Rainbow Fish

Essence Drago

Paranormal Knight

Paranormal Demon

Paranormal Wyvern

Paranormal Cyborg

Paranormal Mage

Paranormal Anomaly

Paranormal Spellcasting

Paranormal Sacrifice

Paranormal Counter

Paranormal Life Cycle

Red Lionfish

Feedback Wave

Sine Wave

Frequency Peak

Dark Enchinoderm

Charging Sailfish


Spirit of Pelee

Molten Basalt Blaster

Hyper Pyro Blaster


Sheets of Sound

Baryon - Charm Quark

Baryon - Strange Quark

Baryon - Up Quark

Baryon Positron

Baryon Electron

Baryon Proton

Baryon Neutron

Baryon Atom

Baryon Xi

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