Departure to Dusk (DEAD) is the 12th set of the LCCG, following Deep Sea Assault and followed by Queued Revolution. It contains 96 cards.

The focus of this set was Zombie-type monsters, being released around Halloween. It contains 3 archetypes: The Necro archetype by dtwrules which focuses around switching between Insect and Zombie-type monsters. The Greymarch by Ash, a control archetype of LIGHT Fiend who have a T.G.-like effect when destroyed. And the Sand Demon archetype by Omegawave, a group of EARTH Reptiles. The set also had some support for WATER and Thunder monsters (and the interaction between them in cards such as Avatar of Dagon), the Alice LV Series, Attribute Fusion support such as Iris, Avatar of Rainbows and introducing two Triple Attribute Fusions.

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