Flaming Forest is our second set, with a total of 101 cards. It follows Enchanted Ilusion and is followed by The New Era. It focuses primarily on Fiend, Machine, and Plant support, as well as the Phoenixian Archetype. This set contains some Psychic, Insect and Zombie support as well. It also introduced the new Antennae Archetype and 3 "Interdimensional" monsters, of which will be supported in TNER (The New Era). New additions to the Ban list are "Phoenixian Duplication", which is limited now, and "Gentleman's Duel", which is now Limited.

Adding to YVDEdit

1. Go to your C:/Program Files/Xerocreative folder. Click on the .SET file.

2. Scroll down to the bottom. On a new line, paste this. It is recommended to delete all TCG/OCG cards first.

3. Save changes.

4. You should now have CCG cards in your YVD and ready to duel!

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