This is a list of all monsters since the set DSA sorted by order, by their highest ATK, highest DEF and Name.

Last updated 10/23/12.

Dragon Lord of The x150004500
Morte Suprema Dominus50002500
Ultimate Razor Android48004500
Abyssal Nova Tarrasque 48003200
Nuclear Overkill Tarrasque43002700
11 x1 41003500
Einherjarosaurus 40003500
WereLord of the Dark Flame40003000
Overseer of the Blood Moon40000
Volcanic Tarrasque36503000
10 x1 35003200
Goldenova Genesis35003000
Beast of the Moon-Heaven's Flier35003000
Horrorking Rex34002800
Avatar of Dagon 32003400
Synchro Hunter32003000
Flame Wing LV932003000
Crusader of the Reckoning32002700
Essence Undead Commander32002700
Bonecrusher Beetle32002600
Zero-Chill, Master of the Jurrac32002000
Baryon Xi32001900
Phoenixian Burning Cluster Fighter32000
Veteran Tyrano31002700
Polarcrest Whale31002500
Hyper Pyro Blaster31002200
Xaphan, the Lust31001700
Tickle Tormenter31001100
Astral Nightmare30003500
Lunarslayer Godrotter Raymarrow30003200
Grandmaster Majin-dai30003000
Giant Rooster30003000
May Ravenlock, Arch Necromancer30003000
Wulfosaur, the Legendary Beast King30002800
Jurassic Titano30002800
Hell Master Anubis30002600
Amaterasu 30002600
Eucretia, Angel of Ethereal Strength30002500
Hydra of the Underworld30002500
Frequency Peak30002500
Baryon Atom30002500
Ifrit, the Hell's Flame Spirit30002400
Coursena the Apportist30002200
Arachnophobia 30002100
Meteor Force Dragon30002000
Flaming Pump Flamer30002000
Dark Pteroraptor30001300
Essence Drake Shadower30001200
Ultimate Razor Moe-Kyun Slasher Fairy Princess 3000950
Avatar of Extinction 3000500
Kindling of Hate30000
Mordre the Cessation of Humanity30000


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