Queued Revolution (QREV) is the 13th set of the LCCG, following Departure to Dusk. It contains 100 cards. The name arose from a joke about the long time since the last set (credited to Tungsten Butterfly).

Two archetypes were introduced in this set. The Clandestine archetype by Seattleite, focusing on exchanging healing and paying lifepoints through Psychic and Spellcaster monsters. And the Infernalinde archetype by Tungsten Butterfly, a disruptive set of Dark World-esque ladies.

Other themes in this set are Dual Attribute field spells by Scheath (in the manner of Earth Shattering Winds by dtwrules), Magicians that recycle and search Quick-Play spells and Plant support by EMSOUP, Rank 8 support by dtwrules, Pyro support by Tungsten Butterfly (which bears a resemblance to the Zombie support in the TCG), Flip-Effect and Tribute Summon support by Seattleite, Union support and various generic cards by Darkest Hour, Witches who focus on changing control of monsters by WereLord, and two new Dragarity/Dragenus tuners from Scheath.

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