I would like the following users to become admins:

  • LolLeo
  • ZeroChill
  • GrisWald14
  • Alfred-Kun
  • Evanm7
  • Tomtekorv, Sound Pulse, Bringerofcake and Werelord once they've gotten accounts?
  • Anyone else I've forgotten

So, pretty much everyone. Sorry If i've forgot your name here. This is pretty much just in case i can't access the wikia or if you make an article and you want to protect it from vandalism. But, you have to agree to this for it to happen. Just say so under this line, and put a new line when you're done. ~Seattleite

Well, LolLeo can become an admin ;D.

Alright, good. I put a line seperating posts.

I dun know how to make new lines, but Evanm7 can be an admin :D

Ok, thanks. You just make a really long line with this button -

Dear God, Griswald14 wants to be an admin. Amen.

Your prayers will be answered once I hear back from the staffers.

And me too? Pylraster 09:51, May 31, 2012 (UTC)

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