Resurrection of Primordial Era (ROPE) is the 10th official LCCG set, following Dawn of Demise and followed by Deep Sea Assault. It contains almost 200 cards. This set is another big set contributed quite a sum of members and was flexible to contain 3 new Archetypes - Warsworn Memento, an Equip Spell Card archetype by Darkest Hour, serpent by Scheath666 and it is the first archetype with a lower case name, and Angel by Tungsten Butterfly, a simplistic named archetype whereas their effects relate to Angel monster only. It is followed by Deep Sea Assault.

This set is supported by the themes of Dinosaur, Insect, Reptile, Winged Beast, Fish, Sea Serpent, Psychic. With additional of support to boost, Dragarity, Frozone Control, etc.

This set was also the first appearance of the LCCG only Sub-Type "Hybrid".

List of CardsEdit

Alternative Hermeneutic Evocation
Pelagic Legion
Mysterious Trinket
Urgent Plea
Poised Pit Snake
Mind Transducer
Revenge of the Ambushed
The Elder's Rite
Distraughtening Propaganda
Petran Sun Soldier
Dark Reflection Ubume
Basking in Limelight
Airspace Infiltrator
Storm Wrecker
Shining Hope Ritual
Swaly Swallow
Off a Tangent
Plasma Devourer
Gloomblood Raymarrow
Phlegethon Raymarrow
Lunarslayer Godrotter Raymarrow
Kokkai Umihebi
Kotei Umiryu
Mordant Cetugon
Death from Below
Godmode Toad
Bloodthirsty Sahagin
Koi Moroi
Tropical Gargantuan
Ophidian Plague
Volcanic Tarrasque
Abyssal Nova Tarrasque
Nuclear Overkill Tarrasque
Apophis, Elder of Annihilation
Departure to Ruin
Etherspiral Mimic
Hazardcurse Mimic
Warsworn Memento - Muramasa
Warsworn Memento - Wraithscepter
Warsworn Memento - Radiant Ranseur
Warsworn Memento - Ymirhammer
Warsworn Memento - Sylphiblade
Warsworn Memento - Adamant Hoplon
Tsunami Wyvern
Shining Eagle
Phoenix Knight
Bird of Wave Strength
Lava-Winged Icarus
Ancient Temple of the Avians
Death From Above
Surprise Icarus Summoning
Rain Drop Raven
There’s Always a Price
Oath Written in Blood
Guardian Angel
Call of Duty
Boulder Bone Falcon
Harpy with a Darkened Heart
Metal Blade Wings
Winged Scorcher
Golden Lizard
Lay an Egg
Spirit of Luck
Dice Dragon
Shield or Sword
Unlucky Dwarf
Coin Gatherer
Unintended Happy Ending
Dr. Luckienstien
Luck Fields of Doom
Dragarity - Wulgar the Gorge
Dragarity - Gandras the Obstruction
Dragarity - Windora the Soaring
Dragarity - Zohryu the Aberration
Greis, Prehistoric Dragon Kaiser
Seradin, Emperor of the Deep Sea
Beelzebub, Lord of the Flies
Jypheri, Sovereign of Wing Ancestries
Babd Catha
Bird Call
Eternal Firebird
Hidden C
Soul Spark Attack
Sandgrave Cobra
Deepsea Atlanthal Guide
Laughing Alley Cats in the Shadow
Trading Places
Spell-Bounded Mudman
Level Compromiser
Re-Equip Synchron
Magical Prison
Scrap Stun
Gizan Condor
Boulder Geist
Cliff Hanger
Cybernetic Organism
Burning Wing Dragon
Wave Wyvern
Exploding Boulder Knight
Osmosis Virus
Hybrid Factory
Battle Cattle
Bird With the Darkest Wings
Insane Pierrot
Trick Rabbit
Pierrot of Hypnotism
Nightmare Doll
Havengul Magician
Rose, the Psychic Witch
Screeching Nightmare
Nyx, Psychic Wizard
Shot in the Dark
Commander CC
Magic Over Mind
Thought Over Magic
Blaster Over Life
Abyssal Medusa
Blue Tyranno
Hard Roc Egg
Evolving Elasias
Head Rushed Reptar
Guardian Driceratops
Inspiring Herra
Jurassic Titano
Ancient Beast Triceratops
Shocking Verceraptor
Rampage Rhynadon
Jurrasic Prarrie
Brown Hatchling
Bloodshed Dino
Earth Shattering Winds
Roaring Demon, Driaven
Flip Flop Heron
Sireine, Angel of Love's Desperation
Lucifer, Angel of the Fallen
Marleliel, Angel Paladin of Eschaton
Helena, Angel of Radiant Judgment
Cassandra, Angel of Death's Silence
Vivian, Angel of the White Passage
Lelynn, Angel of Radiant Flames
La Misa, Angel of the Divine Storm
Kaori, Angel of Heaven's Aurora
Mai, Angel of Luminous Truth
Radiant Reinforcement
Marleliel's Prayer
Verdant Dryad
Sapping Mist
Shadow of Doubt
Elder Serpent Basilisk
Primordial Judgment Coatl
Crisis Memento
Madswag Iguana
Grandmaster Majin-dai
Despair Artificer
Ludicrous Letdown
Morbidgrove Treant
Magical Moe-Kyun Sniper Fairy Princess
Nightshade Spectress
Irresistable Alraune
Firestorm of the Righteous
Moss Man from Beyond the Void
Cat With 9 Lives
Nobleman Imps
Power Draw
Princess of the High Kingdom
Princess of the Low Kingdom
Storming Sprite
The Dragon King of Flames

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