Q. All my cards say "bad card"?Edit

A. It means that your cards aren't correctly loaded into the SET file. If you have YVD 9.0, uninstall it. Then re-install 9.1.

Q. My cards that I put in the SET file won't show up!Edit

A. Right-click the YVD exe file and go to "run as". Run as administrator. If you have it password protected, you might need to change your privelages from the control panel in your start menu.

Q. When I try to Load YVD, it says "run-time error"?Edit

A. This means that you somehow edited the SET file or it is corrupted. PM us and we will look over the file and take out the mistakes.

Q. My Tuner, Spirit, Union or Gemini monsters which have effects are shown as normal monsters?Edit

A. You need to put /effect after any subtype. So if you were to put a card like Tsukuyomi, you need to put Spellcaster/Spirit/Effect.

Q. My Synchro Monsters don't have an effect?Edit

A. Any card needs to ALL be on 1 line. Make sure it's effect isn't listed on a seperate line.

Q. Can't find all the Normal Spell and Trap cards under advanced search?Edit

A. If it has "Normal" in a box in the YVD code, delete it. YVD recognizes Normal Spells and Traps as having no type at all. We are currently working on this, so wait until we release the next set to see the changes.

'Q. Some cards are correctly coded but missing.'Edit

A. For some unknown reason, some cards in YVD are not showing up. If you're sure they have no coding errors, post it again at the top of the Set file. Having it twice in different positions seems to work. This problem has been adressed in our sets though and if you're fully updated you should not encounter this problem.

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